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Nel 2050, Passaggio al Nuovo Mondo - Book review

In 2050, Passage to the New World, is the latest book from Paolo Perulli, published in Italian by Il Mulino, Bologna, in March 2021. In this post Jonathan Hankins offers his thoughts. - Leggi Leggi
Nel 2050, Passaggio al Nuovo Mondo
Categorie Recensioni, Books

Collaboration during COVID-19 | Bottom-up and open source initiatives: report them here!

citizen science, bottom-up innovation and collaborative approaches to research and innovation are making important contributions to broadening and accelerating our capacity to respond to the health emergency provoked by COVID-19. we are waiting for your reports! - Leggi Leggi
Collaboration during COVID-19 | Bottom-up and open source initiatives: report them here!

Collaborare ai tempi del COVID-19 | Iniziative bottom-up e open source: mandaci le tue segnalazioni!

La citizen science, l'innovazione bottom-up e un approccio collaborativo alla ricerca all'innovazione stanno dando un importante contributo per accelerare la nostra capacità di rispondere all'emergenza sanitaria scatenata dal COVID-19. Contribuisci segnalando i porgetti che conosci! - Leggi Leggi
Collaborare ai tempi del COVID-19 - Iniziative bottom-up e open source: mandaci le tue segnalazioni!

Public Engagement in Responsible Research and Innovation. A book by Ilse Marschalek.

Jonathan Hankins' book Review of Public Engagement in Responsible Research and Innovation by Ilse Marschalek - Leggi Leggi
Public Engagement in Responsible Research and Innovation. A book by Ilse Marschalek.
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Trust in expert knowledge in medicine and Technoscience. A meeting with Silvia Camporesi

We addressed these issues with Silvia Camporesi who from the starting point of the publication of extracts from the Investigating Trust in Expert Knowledge International Conference published in a special issue of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, held a symposium at the Bassetti Foundation on 27 February 2017. We share videos, photos, slides and other material. - Leggi Leggi
Silvia Camporesi

CONSIDER Workshop, Civil Society Organisations in Designing Research Governance

The Bassetti Foundation is to participate in a CONSIDER Workshop at the Research Executive Agency, European Commission, in Brussels. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by Christiane Wilke from Flickr

Dan Sperber at the European Congress of Analytic Philosophy

The Giannino Bassetti Foundation is presenting a lecture by Dan Sperber within the framework of the seventh European Congress of Analytic Philosophy - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by thewind da Flickr
Categorie Lecture

Call for Participation per lo Studio dell'Innovazione

Call for participation con scadenza il 25 settembre per la partecipazione al Forum Italiano per lo Studio dell'Innovazione 2011, dal titolo "L'innovazione tecnologica tra vecchie e nuove diseguaglianze", che si svolgerà a Rovigo tra il 21 e il 22 novembre 2011 - Leggi Leggi
sede della CIGA
Categorie Bandi, Forum

Itinerary: Communicating Science

In light of the Bassetti Foundation's announcement of their involvement in the 2012 Public Communication of Science and Technology Network conference and related call for abstracts for funding, Jonathan Hankins reviews some of the related materials available on the foundation website. - Leggi Leggi
Itinerary: Communicating Science
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Travel Grants for Junior Participants to the 2012 PCST conference

The Giannino Bassetti Foundation for Responsibility in Innovation is offering two travel grants for junior participants presenting papers on the theme of "Responsibility in Science Communication". - Leggi Leggi
logo PCST 2012

The Royal Society, a font of information

In this posting Jonathan Hankins takes a look at the work of the Royal Society's Science Policy Centre: a mine of free and well informed information for anyone that wants it. - Leggi Leggi
The Royal Society - logo

Practicing Responsibilities: social engagement, controversy and innovation

At the Trento EASST conference, held 1-4th September 2010, workshop/track 32. "Practicing Responsibilities" was co-chaired by Cristina Grasseni (University of Bergamo / Bassetti  Foundation); Luca Guzzetti (University of Genova) and Giuseppe Pellegrini (University of Padova) within the theme "social engagement, controversy and innovation". - Leggi Leggi
logo EASST 2010
Categorie Responsibility

Citizen Science

In this posting Jonathan Hankins takes a look at the phenomena of citizen science, its history and possible future. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by sgrace from Flickr

Asking the relevant questions about public participation

by Brice Laurent. Participatory experiments in nanotechnology have been numerous, but their outcomes are uncertain. Some have criticized the little interest these mechanisms have received in policy circles. The Grenoble case is telling for that matter. - Leggi Leggi
photo: andymiah - by Flickr

Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB

Daniel Mulhollan, Director of the US Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress visited the Bassetti Foundation on Wednesday 3 December 2008 as part of the IRER (Regional Research Unit of Lombardy), "consultation forums as instruments of trust", coordinated by Alessandro Colombo, Director of Research. - Leggi Leggi
Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB

Responsible Innovation and Participatory Democracy. Daniel P. Mulhollan in FGB

Daniel Mulhollan, Director of the Congressional Research Service at the Library of the US Congress, will be the guest of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation in Milan on 3rd December 2008, within the scientific framework of the research project I forum consultivi come strumento di fiducia, promoted by IRER - the Regional Research Institute of Lombardy. - Leggi Leggi
Daniel P. Mulhollan

Citizen Participation in Science and Technology

In this posting I would like to have a look at the work of the CIPAST project and a report published late last year by Chloe Alexander of the University of Padova in which she describes and analises the workings and perceived effectiveness of the project. - Leggi Leggi

Governance and participation in nanotechnology

This is the first of a number of postings that Jonathan Hankins will devote to nanotechnologies, their novelty in technoscientific society and their impact on our thinking of responsible innovation. Here, a first look at informative websites and newsletters on nanotechnologies, societal impact and decision making. - Leggi Leggi
See also: interviews with Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute on Nanotechnology and with Lawrence Gasman, cofounder of NanoMarkets (by Jeff Ubois)

Science and Governance: the provocation of responsibility.

Conversation with Mariachiara Tallacchini. "Within the cultural horizons of the European Commission the STS point of view was missing; no report had ever used the science and technology studies perspective. Nicole Dewandre who was in charge of Science and Governance within the Directorate General for Research, was given the mandate to commission an expert group coordinated by Brian Wynne, which could be the European and international expression of this approach. [...] Our thesis is that the public fear of science is not produced by a deficit of knowledge, but by the doubts that the citizens feel in relation to the institutions themselves..." - Leggi Leggi
interview with Mariachiara Tallacchini

Is responsible innovation participatory, and if so, how?

- Leggi Leggi
Peter Galison

Is responsible innovation participatory, and if so, how?

L'innovazione responsabile è partecipativa? Se sì, come? Intervistato sul suo decennale lavoro sulla storia della scienza e sul suo rapporto con questioni quali la segretezza, la responsabilità dello scienziato, la comprensione da parte del pubblico e la partecipazione del pubblico, il prof. Peter Galison, dell'Università di Harvard, offre un affascinante punto di vista sull'innovazione responsabile. Secondo lui, le banali nozioni di compromesso e partecipazione non spiegano come si può mettere la gente in posizione di poter prendere delle decisioni, decisioni informate su ciò che sta accadendo. - Leggi Leggi
Peter Galison

Is responsible innovation participatory, and if so, how?

Is responsible innovation participatory, and if so, how? Interviewed on his decade-long work on the history of science and its relevance to issues such as secrecy, scientist's responsibility, public understanding and public participation, Prof. Peter Galison of Harvard University offers an intriguing insight in the topic of responsible innovation. According to him, naive notions of compromise and participation do not explain "how you can put people in a position where they can make decisions, informed decisions about what's going on". - Leggi Leggi
Peter Galison
Categorie Responsibility

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