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What do epidemiologists do? Investigating a controversial symptomatology in Colombia

An anthropological research that analyzes the epidemiological practice used to address a mysterious outbreak that developed after the administration of the HPV vaccine. - Leggi Leggi
What do epidemiologists do? Investigating a controversial symptomatology in Colombia

Beyond Alternative Food Networks, a book review

Long time Bassetti Foundation collaborator Cristina Grasseni recently published her latest book 'Beyond Alternative Food Networks; Italy's solidarity purchase groups'. - Leggi Leggi
Beyond Alternative Food Networks

Uncertainty and disquiet

The call for papers "Who is Responsible" has invited ethnographic reflections on the diverse meanings and use of a term, "responsibility" which  "has become such a conspicuous terms in contemporary thought styles", to highlight its salience in contemporary culture and governance. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by See Wah Cheng from Flickr

How to map complex issues?

In this interview, taken at the Cerisy colloquium organised by Bruno Latour and Philippe Descola on "L'anthropologie historique de la raison scientifique", (July 12th- 19th 2006), Cristina Grasseni gathered Bruno Latour's view s on responsible innovation and its relevance to the research agenda of historians, anthropologists, philosophers and sociologists of science. - Leggi Leggi
foto Franz Wamhof (part)
See also: Latour in the Call fro Comment Which responsibility?

Practice and Cognition, an anthropological view

- Leggi Leggi
to mould
Categorie arts, anthropology


- Leggi Leggi
Categorie anthropology

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