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A Handbook for Responsible Innovation

'A Handbook for Responsible Innovation' is a collection of articles written by Jonathan Hankins over the last 2 years. Many of the articles have already appeared on the Bassetti Foundation site and beyond, with the author's aim to present an overview of how different arguments have been treated by the Foundation over this period of time.

The publication takes the form of a handbook, and offers what Foundation Scientific Director Francesco Samore' describes in the preface as "a synthesis of some of the realities of frontier innovation".

The handbook is divided into 'macro arguments': synthetic biology and nanotechnology, bioethics and information and knowledge, with the opening chapter offering an overview of developments in thinking around responsible innovation.

The reader is then guided through synthetic biology and nanotechnology from a lay starting point, to a deeper understanding of both the technology and issues involved in order to confront the possibilities and risks that these forms of technology offer and create.

The bioethics chapter covers home genetic testing, robotic prosthetics, medical decision-making and the workings of the global pharmaceutical industry, with particular emphasis upon the possible future implications of choices made today.

The information and Knowledge section addresses issues surrounding access to reliable sources of scientific information and public involvement in science and scientific decision-making.

The final section offers transcriptions of interviews conducted with representatives of different fields of interest. These include US Congressman Michael Capuano, several high ranking University Professors and Directors of influential organizations.

The Concluding Remarks summarize the process and aims of the Handbook's production, and briefly describes the broader work of the Bassetti Foundation.

'A Handbook for Responsible Innovation' is written by Jonathan Hankins, published in the 'Libri Della Fondazione Bassetti' series and is available for download through Amazon [3] (IT, US, UK, ES, FR, DE, JP). 159 pages at a cost of $0.99

A Handbook for Responsible Innovation


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A Handbook for Responsible Innovation


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