More Medical Patent Problems

Last month the US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that that the personalized medicine dosing process invented by Prometheus is not eligible for patent protection because the process is effectively an unpatentable law of nature. This decision reverses the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s holding that the claims were patentable because they included substantial ... More Medical Patent Problems

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Home DNA Testing for all the Family

On 17th November 2009 home DNA testing kits went on over the counter sale for the first time in high street chemists in the UK. These kits allow the DNA testing of a child’s paternity and involve the taking of saliva from both the child and the ‘alleged father’s’ mouth (their terminology) and its analysis. ... Home DNA Testing for all the Family

Jonathan Hankins

Scienze forensi e DNA

Su Le Scienze di settembre 2009 è stato pubblicato un interessante articolo di Lucia Bianchi e Pietro Liò dal titolo “Scienze forensi e DNA”. Gli autori si pongono il problema della mancanza di un quadro giuridico internazionale armonico per le banche dati del DNA. Il diffondersi delle nuove tecniche di rilevamento del DNA, più veloci ... Scienze forensi e DNA

Tommaso Correale Santacroce