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Technology Bloggers Community Awards 2012

di Redazione FGB [1], 9 Gennaio 2013

The 2012 Technology Bloggers Community Awards [2] have just been announced and Bassetti Foundation Foreign Corespondent Jonathan Hankins has taken one award and came runner up in two more.
Hankins writes a weekly contribution to the community blog raising awareness about issues surrounding responsibility in technological and scientific innovation, and this is the second year in a row that he claims a prize.

Hankins won the category of 'Rising Star' for his work on the blog, and finished runner up in the 'Top Writer' and 'Top All Rounder' categories. This year the winners were decided by popular vote once the final list of candidates had been drawn up by the blog's administration team.

The announcement post also talks about how well the blog has been doing in generating readership, with a graph demonstrating rises in monthly visitors that has freshly topped 10000.

So congratulations to Jonny and all the other winners and contributors and to all involved in making 2012 a successful year for the blog, and best wishes for 2013 from all here at the Bassetti Foundation.

The Bassetti Foundation website also fares well in the Idea Connection's chart of innovation blogs [3], finding itself at number 15 as we move into the new year. This chart is also compiled through voter review, with readers having the chance to raise or lower the judgment by a single point, the final result being the difference between the ups and downs. Again congratulations to all the team for this great result.

(photo: Cup Winners Cup [4] by nameswilson from Flickr)

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