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Technology Bloggers New Year Awards

di Redazione FGB [1], 10 Gennaio 2012

New year's eve saw the Technology Bloggers website announce the winners of several prizes, [2] and the Bassetti Foundation's Jonathan Hankins took 2.

Hankins was awarded 'top newcomer' and 'top all-rounder' for his contributions over the last 6 months.

As the name suggests, the blog addresses many issues related to technology, from reviews of new technology to reporting on issues such as global warming, the social networking phenomena, blogging and the Internet, to name just a few. New posts appear almost every day, and as this is a community blog the archives feature a host of different writers.

Jonathan Hankins now has author status and is currently writing a weekly series about issues surrounding the environmental problems brought about by industrialized life.

His Technology blog articles this year broached many of the topics that he covers in his writing for the Bassetti Foundation, and at going to press are as follows:

Prosthetic limb Technology and Elective Amputation [3]. Can we foresee a time when people opt for amputation in order to improve bodily performance?

Technology and Immigration [4]. What are the ethical implications of the US using recognition technology to move its borders overseas?

Are we Reaching Satellite Saturation point? [5] Issues surrounding space debris.

Online Gamers as Scientists [6]. A look at online games designed to help scientists in their research.

See Anyone You Know? [7] Face recognition advances mean than posting a photo on the internet can make you instantly recognizable to anyone with a mobile phone.

Is the Right to Anonymous Blogging Under Threat? [8] A look at a proposed change in UK libel law and its effect upon anonymous posting.

The State of the Blogosphere [9]. Who are bloggers, why do they do it and can they be trusted?

Can We Improve the Health of the Planet? [10] An introduction to his current series.

Cutting Emissions from Transport Systems [11]. A look at how technology can help decrease fuel consumption.

Cleaner Electricity Production [12]. Low emission power production technology.

The long term Bassetti Foundation contributor has posted articles on several other sites this year, including on the extremely influential Innovation Excellence website, entitled 'Responsibility in the Processes of Innovation' [13], the piece describes the philosophy of the Bassetti Foundation in President Piero Bassetti's own words.

Congratulations from all here at the Bassetti Foundation and keep it up.

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Technology Bloggers New Year Awards






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