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Seminar of 2-11-2004

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  • Piero Bassetti (Chairman ; personal page)
  • Giorgina Bassetti
  • Gianfelice Rocca
  • Filippo Cant¨

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  • Attilio Mentasti (Chairman)
  • Achille Dozzi
  • Luigi Erba

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  • Bertilla Corti

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This site has an open editorial approach: anyone can contribute to its development. In addition to the Staff members, listed below, others who have taken part include the authors of documents written specifically for the Foundation and all those who have sent in their articles or comments on the topics addressed. Since June 2002 readers' comments are no longer listed in a special section (formerly the Forum) but included directly in the pages of the site. To submit comments, documents on the topics covered or other information, write to us .
Documents or messages will only be published after they have been checked through by a member of the Web Site's Staff (see below).

Other people who are, or have been, members of the Staff of this Website:

• Gian Maria Borrello
    (personal page)
• Julia Cobb
    (personal page)
• Del B˛
    (personal page)
• Elena Dell'Aiuto
• Davide Fasolo
    (personal page)
• Margherita Fronte
    (personal page)
• Paola Parmendola
    (personal page)
• Valentina Quattrocchi
• Federica Scaravelli
The Topics section contains articles published by:

- Giuseppe Belleri
- Massimiano Bucchi
    (personal page)
- Luciano Butti
- Giorgio Buzzi
- Mario Castellaneta
- Giacomo Correale
    (personal page)
- Sylvie Coyaud
- Maurizio De Filippis
- Leone Montagnini
- Giuseppe O. Longo
- Fiorella Operto
- Roberto Panzarani
    (personal page)
- Gianni Pastore
- Giuseppe Pellegrini
    (personal page)
- Carlo Penco
    (personal page)
- Paola Previdi
- Leopoldo Sarli
- Claudio Tugnoli
- Jeff Ubois
- Elisabetta Volli
- Gavino Zucca

(list up-dated to 15 March 2006
Other spaces and initiatives set up to host contributions from the public, and which contain numerous comments by readers, are:

the Calls for Comments

  • Massimo Bartoli (personal page)
    Internet presence advice.
    To get in touch:
  • Vittorio Bertolini (personal page)
    Press Review with comments ; specific documents.
    To get in touch:
  • Tommaso Correale Santacroce (personal page)
    Advice and research on images ; specific documents.
    To get in touch:
  • Cristina Grasseni (personal page)
    Scientific consultancy.
    To get in touch:
  • Makeperfect, language services consultancy (
    Translations from Italian into English.
    To get in touch:
  • Diego Daniele Navarra (personal page)
    Specific documents and comments.
    To get in touch:
  • Valentina Porcellana (personal page)
    Scientific consultancy.
    To get in touch:

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This site's hosting service is provided by Massimo Bartoli Informatica S.a.s. (

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The respective authors reserve all rights to the texts published here. Reproduction of the texts for personal use is permitted, in addition to quotations for commentary, study, criticism or review, provided that these are accompanied by the author's name and by an indication of the source "Giannino Basetti Foundation", including the web address <>. The Foundation reserves the non-exclusive right to reproduce the texts in other publications linked to its activity. Links from other sites to the Foundation's Front Page are permitted and welcome.

Exception to the Copyright

Links leading from this site to external pages are always accompanied by an indication of the web addresses of the sites to which the pages belong. Consequently, the use of any text, images or sounds contained in these pages is subject to the rights specified in the sites to which they belong.

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