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OpenMined: an example of 'decentralized AI'

In this article Alessandro Scoscia describes the new OpenMined project. Moreover, the technological solution proposed by OpenMined allows the implementation of a reliable payment system that can allow the users to receive payment for having participated, collaborated with their data and calculations to system learning and therefore to its general and wholistic improvement. - Leggi Leggi
OpenMined: un esempio di 'decentralized Artificial Intelligence'.

OpenMined: un esempio di 'decentralized Artificial Intelligence'.

OpenMined è un progetto che si propone di rendere accessibile agli utenti che forniscono i dati e agli sviluppatori di soluzioni di machine learning, una nuova tecnologia in grado di preservare integralmente la privacy di tutte le parti coinvolte. Pagando chi partecipa. - Leggi Leggi
OpenMined: un esempio di 'decentralized Artificial Intelligence'.

Sharing Health

Wave. The focus of the meeting of 8 June is the role that the sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience can play in improviing specialist capability, in deciding the most effective course of treatment from those currently available... - Leggi Leggi
Wave - Condividere la salute

Wave - How collective ingenuity is changing the world.

After Paris, Marseille and Lille, 'Wave - How collective ingenuity is changing the world', a project of the BNP Paribas group, comes to Milan. The Italian event is directed by Trivioquadrivio with the collaboration of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation. - Leggi Leggi
Wave - come l'ingegnosità collettiva sta cambiando il mondo

Electric car sharing schemes on the rise

This week The Guardian UK carried the news that the city of Paris is to introduce an electric car sharing scheme. In this posting Jonathan Hankins takes a look at the proposal and other schemes of this type. - Leggi Leggi
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