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PRISMA Industrial Roadmap

Thursday 27 June, 2019 saw the final meeting of the PRISMA project in Brussels, with Jonathan Hankins attending on behalf of the Bassetti Foundation. - Leggi Leggi
PRISMA Industrial Roadmap

New science and new politics

Essay published in the 5th and last volume: 'Scienza e tecnologia al di là dello specchio' of the series La Nuova Scienza, edited by Umberto Colombo and Giuseppe Lanzavecchia, Libri Scheiwiller, Milan 2004 - Leggi Leggi
New science and new politics

Open Scholarship and Responsible Innovation, dialogue with René von Schomberg.

On December 14th 2017 René von Schomberg visited the Foundation for a dialogue entitled Open Scholarship and Responsible Innovation. - Leggi Leggi
Open Scholarship and Responsible Innovation, Dialogue with René von Schomberg

Civil Society in Research and Innovation: What's next?

The Foundation recently participated in the Civil Society in Research and Innovation: What's next? Event at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. The event was promoted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the CONSIDER project (Civil society organisations in designing research governance)  - Leggi Leggi
Civil Society in Research and Innovation: What's next?

The Karp Laboratory for Advanced Biomaterials and Stem Cell Based Therapeutics

In this article Jonathan Hankins describes his visit to the Karp laboratory in Cambridge. - Leggi Leggi
Porcupine Quill Demonstration

A Conversation with Hilary Sutcliffe of Matter

Jonathan Hankins interviews Hilary Sutcliffe, the Director of the think tank Matter. - Leggi Leggi
Hilary Sutcliffe

A Report On Responsible Research and Innovation

As a follow up to my post regarding René Von Schomberg's Matrix for Responsible Innovation I would like to point readers towards a freely downloadable document entitled 'A Report On Responsible Research and Innovation'. - Leggi Leggi
cc - by Crashworks from Flickr

Teaching responsibility in innovation

In this posting Jonathan Hankins takes a look at the work of the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research. - Leggi Leggi
photo by Nick Saltmarsh from Flickr
Read also: Slow food, fast genes by Cristina Grasseni and The "moral imperative" of biotech food by Jeff Ubois
Categorie Courses

Awareness, Perception And Interpretation: measurements vis-a-vis the complexity of life

This week in Rome, Italy MINET (Measuring the Impossible NETwork) host a workshop and think tank meeting on the theme of the measurement of perception and interpretation. On October 8th and 9th in Rome Italy the second MINET Workshop entitled "AWARENESS, PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION: measurements vis-a-vis the complexity of life" takes place at the Hotel Massimo D'Azeglio in Via Cavour. - Leggi Leggi
 Awareness, Perception And Interpretation
Categorie Eventi, Conference

Un manifesto contro il declino. Economia della conoscenza per l'innovazione.

L'economia della conoscenza è la chiave di volta, per Greco e Termini, per superare il declino strutturale dell'Italia. Si tratta di una rivoluzione culturale che deve coinvolgere i corpi sociali più significativi del Paese; politici, sindacati, confederazioni imprenditoriali, mondo della cultura e della ricerca. "Contro il declino" non è un libro dei sogni ma un'analisi puntuale delle cause del declino del nostro paese, ma anche un insieme di proposte che chiamano in causa la politica e le organizzazioni del sociale. - Leggi Leggi
Contro il declino - Pietro Greco e Settimo Termini - Codice Edizioni
Vedi anche: una sintesi dell'incontro con Brian Wynne sulla "società della conoscenza" e il dialogo con Roberto Panzarani sul valore dell'intangibile

The CfC 'Reinventing learning and research?' is over.

As previously announced, we close this Call for Comments hoping that it helped at least to raise some of the many issues around the idea of a "reinvention" of learning and research. ------------------------------------ Chiudiamo come annunciato questo Call for Comments auspicando che abbia per lo meno cominciato a sollevare i molti quesiti relativi alla "reinvenzione dell'apprendimento e della ricerca". - Leggi Leggi
Reinventing learning and research

Reinventing learning and research? (part 2)

- Leggi Leggi
Reinventing learning and research - 2

Reinventing learning and research?

Within the framework of the co-operation between Profs. Elias Carayannis and Piero Formica (respectively from the School of Business at George Washington University, and the International Entrepreneurship Academy at Jönköping University) the following manifesto ensued, published as Guest Editorial in Industry and Higher Education (April 2007). We hereby re-launch it to submit it for comment and feedback from our readers. --------------------------- Nell'ambito della cooperazione tra due istituti di ricerca sulla imprenditorialità (la George Washington University, USA e la Jonkoping University, Svezia) è nato un manifesto a firma di Elias Carayannis e Piero Formica (pubblicato in Industry and Higher Education, Guest Editorial, Aprile 2007), che rilanciamo per sottoporlo ai commenti dei nostri lettori. - Leggi Leggi
Reinventing learning and research

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