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Giannino Bassetti Foundation Gender Equality Plan 2022-2026

Work-life balance and organizational culture; Gender balance in leadership and decision-making; Gender equality in recruitment and career progression; Integration of the gender dimension into research content; Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment - Leggi Leggi
Gender Equality Plan 2022-2026
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MARIE Webinar Week: A Review

After more than 4 years in operation, between 7-9 September 2021 the MARIE Interreg project hosted 3 days of seminars, with networking slots and video drops and some light-hearted fun.Jonathan Hankins offers an overview. - Leggi Leggi
MARIE Webinar Week: A Review

30 mesi di SMART-map project: evento conclusivo

Si è concluso il progetto Horizon 2020 SMART-map. Ecco in sintesi il percorso fatto, i video dell'evento conclusivo e l'e-book con tutti i materiali prodotti. - Leggi Leggi
30 mesi di SMART-map project: evento conclusivo.

Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI Tools a Roma

Fondazione Bassetti a maggio, in collaborazione con formicablu srl, ha organizzato a Roma il primo evento italiano di Advocacy e Training per stakeholder italiani del progetto - descrizione del progetto e fotografie - Leggi Leggi
Responsible Research and Innovation - RRI Tools a Roma
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'Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously' Italian Edition

The mission of the Giannino Bassetti Foundation is to promote responsibility in innovation and specifically to foster responsibly innovative processes. The Italian edition of the report "Taking European Knowledge Society Seriously" authoritatively introduces the STS debate also in Italy at a time where political and collective experimentations with new forms of participatory democracy begin to be discussed. - Leggi Leggi
Scienza Governance

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