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Open Lecture by Dr. Dr. phil. René von Schomberg on Responsible Research and Innovation

di Redazione FGB [1], 20 Gennaio 2021

Open Lecture by Dr. Dr. phil. René von Schomberg on Responsible Research and Innovation (Organized by the Beyond Cosmethics IdeaLab)

Event Date:
Wednesday February 3rd, 16.00 - 17.30 (online).

Event Description:
The organizers of the Beyond Cosmethics IdeaLab cordially invite you to the IdeaLab's opening lecture on Responsible Research and Innovation held by Dr. Dr. phil. René von Schomberg as guest speaker.

About the presentation:
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) reflects an innovation paradigm that acknowledges that market innovations do not automatically deliver on socially desirable objectives, and requires a broad governance of knowledge coalitions of governmental bodies as well as industrial and societal actors to address market deficits. Responsible Innovation should be understood as a new paradigm for innovation which requires institutional changes in the research and innovation system and the public governance of the economy. It also requires the institutionalisation of an ethics of co-responsibility as well as the introduction of new standards and certification processes for products. Dr. Dr. phil. von Schomberg will introduce Responsible Innovation against the background of 6 deficits of the (global) research and innovation system.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

About the "Beyond Cosmethics" IdeaLab:
The "Beyond Cosmethics: Responsible Ethics for Responsible Innovation" IdeaLab is a multi-disciplinary initiative that brings together researchers from various fields, including law, ethics, social sciences and computer science, to systematically examine the problems of ethics misuse in ICT. In order to avoid the misapplication of ethics in innovative tech development and governance, a critical, methodological and foundational reflection upon the role of ethics as a distinct discipline is needed. To this end, the Beyond Cosmethics IdeaLab has a threefold goal. First, using the AI governance debate as a case study, the IdeaLab aims to investigate the current role and position of ethics - both as a concept and discipline - within the broader ICT context. Second, through the IdeaLab's activities, the group seeks to clarify and reinforce the key strengths that ethics, as a separate discipline, can have for evaluating the ICT environment. Finally, the lab seeks to leverage the lessons learned throughout its duration into a set of recommendations targeted to amongst others academics, civil society and policymakers.

In light of the IdeaLab's goal to conduct a critical investigation, this lecture offers a forum to discuss and process important views relevant to the (mis)use of ethics in ICT.

How to register:

The event is free of charge, but registration is required. You can register for the event at the latest on 2 February 2021 via the following link [2].

A link to access the online event will be sent to the attendees at a later stage.


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Open Lecture by Dr. Dr. phil. René von Schomberg on Responsible Research and Innovation
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