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Invitation to Manchester launch of the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation

di Redazione FGB [1], 8 Novembre 2019

The Bassetti Foundation is pleased to invite our readers to the launch event for the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation [2].

You are very welcome to join us on Wednesday 27 November 2019 at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, (Rm BS125) to launch and discuss the

International Handbook on Responsible Innovation: A Global Resource

Edited by René von Schomberg, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, Belgium and Guest Professor, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany and Jonathan Hankins, The Bassetti Foundation, Italy, the Handbook constitutes a global resource for the fast growing interdisciplinary research and policy communities addressing the challenge of driving innovation towards socially desirable outcomes. This book brings together well-known authors from the US, Europe and Asia who develop conceptual and regional perspectives on responsible innovation as well as exploring the prospects for further implementation of responsible innovation in emerging technological practices ranging from agriculture and medicine, to nanotechnology and robotics. The emphasis is on the socio-economic and normative dimensions of innovation including issues of social risk and sustainability.

The event will be hosted by SEEG [3]and MIOIR [4]'s Governance and Emerging Technology/RRI group

SEEG is Manchester Metropolitan University's Sustainable and Ethical Enterprise Group, MIOIR is the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research based at the University of Manchester Alliance Business School.

3:00 Arrival & Coffee
3.15 Introduction & Welcome from Dominic Medway, MMU Faculty of Business and Law
3:20 Keynote - René von Schomberg
3:45 Keynote - Jonathan Hankins
4:00 Panel Presentations and Open Discussion.
5:00 Wine reception
6:00 close

This is a free event. All are welcome. Please register and claim your ticket here [5]


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Invitation to Manchester launch of the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation
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