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International Handbook on Responsible Innovation now available

di Redazione FGB [1], 3 Settembre 2019

We are pleased to announce that the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation [2] edited by Rene von Schomberg and Jonathan Hankins is now available in hardback and download versions.

Many of the leading authors in the field of Responsible Innovation and Responsible Research and Innovation have contributed to this, the largest collection of such materials published to date.

As well as co-editing, Foundation Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Hankins has his own chapter in which he describes the development of the concept of Poiesis Intensive Innovation within the Bassetti Foundation, moving on to develop the related concept of Poiesis Intensive Responsible Innovation (PIRI) and a working definition of Responsible Innovation from a glocalist perspective.

The Handbook also contains a wide-ranging interview with Foundation President Piero Bassetti conducted by Prof. Sally Randles, alongside contributions from David Guston, Phil Macnaghten, Jack Stilgoe and many other familiar names.

The Handbook can be downloaded via both Google Play [3] and eBooks.com [4] for the exceptional price of 40 Euro, with Edward Elgar Publishing also offering a discount on the hardback copy for a limited period.

Interested readers can download a free selection from the book through the publisher's website [5] and read a complete set of abstracts here in a series of posts [6] on this website.

International Handbook on Responsible Innovation


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International Handbook on Responsible Innovation now available
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