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Challenges for Responsible Innovation

di Redazione FGB [1], 6 Settembre 2019

In celebration of the release of the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation [2]edited by Rene von Schomberg and our own Jonathan Hankins, a series of debates presentations and round-table events has been organized entitled Challenges for Responsible Innovation.

The aim of this series is to address the contents of the handbook and discuss what may lie in the future for Responsible Innovation.

The first of these events take place in the coming weeks in Leiden (NL), London and Brussels, with several more dates confirmed for later in the year and running into 2020.

The Leiden event takes place on 12 September, followed by London a week later on 19th September, and Brussels on 3 October. Dates in Manchester and Milan will be announced shortly with others to follow.

Regular readers will be familiar with many of the names participating, and reports from each event will appear here on this website.

Details of the events are as follows:


12 September 2019-18:00-20:00- Leiden University
Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Pieter de la Courtgebouw, ROOM 1A01

Introduction: Dr.dr.phil René von Schomberg

Panel discussion on Challenges for Responsible Innovation with:

1. Prof. dr. Jeroen van der Hoven,Technical University of Delft
2. Prof. dr. Harro van Lente, Maastricht University
3. Dr. Melanie Peters, Director Rathenau Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands
4. Prof. dr. Jacqueline Broerse, Free University of Amsterdam
5. Prof. dr. Paul Wouters, University of Leiden
6. Prof. dr. Sarah de Rijcke, University of Leiden
7. Dr. Vincent Blok, Wageningen University
8. Dr. Dirk Stemerding.

Discussion with audience and panel


19 September 2019, 18:00-20:00- University College London, David Davies Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building G08/engineering building, Torrington place

Introduction: Dr. Dr.phil René von Schomberg

Panel discussion on Challenges for Responsible Innovation with:

1. Dr.Stevienna de Saille, Sheffield University
2. Prof. Andrew Stirling, Sussex University
3. Prof. Bernd Carsten Stahl, De Montfort University
4. Dr. Jack Stilgoe, UCL London
5. Dr. Melanie Smallman, UCL London
6. Prof Marina Jirotka, Oxford

Discussion with audience and panel


3 October 2019-DG Research and Innovation, RTD Library, Square Frère-Orban 8- Brussels 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

11.00-11.15 Introduction- Why Responsible Innovation? Dr. René von Schomberg

11.15- 11.45 Guest speaker: Prof. dr. Alfred Nordmann- Technical University Darmstadt
The Ties that Bind- Collective Experimentation and Participatory Design as Paradigms for Responsible Innovation

11.45- 12.15 Discussion with Prof. dr. Alfred Nordmann

12.15- 13.30 Panel discussion on Challenges for Responsible Innovation with:

1. Robert Madelin, FIPRA- Public Affairs Consultancy, and former senior advisor on Innovation, Director-General of CONNECT/SANCO

2. Prof. Dr. André Martinuzzi Head of the Institute for Managing Sustainability Associate Professor at WU Vienna Vienna University of Economics and Business Reponsible Innovation: The challenges for Industry

3. Prof. Alexander Gerber-, Science Communication- Rhine-Waal University, Germany Responsible Innovation: Challenges for Science Communication

4. Prof. Ellen-Marie Forsberg- Managing Director Østfoldforskning, Norway: Challenges for Research Practices

5. Olga Wessels, European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) ECIU is determined to change the way of delivering education from degree-based to challenge-based: Responsible Innovation: Co-creation with industry, public organisations, society and academics

6. Kurt Vandenberghe, Director- DG Research and Innovation

13.30-14.00- Discussion with audience and panel

These events are free and open to the public, and offer the opportunity for readers and interested parties to participate in discussion with many of the leading thinkers and actors in fields related to Responsible Innovation. If readers have a question they would like to pose but cannot attend in person they can do so through this link [3]on Rene von Schomberg's personal blog.

Details of further events will follow.


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Challenges for Responsible Innovation
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