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CORES LAB on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies

di Redazione FGB [1], 12 Gennaio 2016

Late in 2015 the CORES Laboratory [2] launched their new Youtube channel [3]. Videos available include an interview with Foundation Collaborator Cristina Grasseni during the recent Food, Sustainability and Territory Conference (see also below), an interview with Daniel Tarozzi from "Italia che cambia" (in Italian) and an interview and Key Note Speech from Prof. Colin Sage. Readers may recall a comment post written by Prof. Sage related to an interview with Prof. Andrew McMeekin on this website, both of which can be found here [4].

The CORES Laboratory is an interdisciplinary group of researchers whose aim is to investigate the various mechanisms and processes behind the widespread expansion of economic practices that represent attempts to reincorporate economics into society, reorganizing economic life on the basis of human and social needs.

Fields of interest include Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale, socially responsible investment, local moneys, alternative economics, savings groups, micro-finance, time banks, new cooperative forms and LETS, with projects covering a broad spectrum of topics within these and many more themes.

Officially established in early 2012, the group currently has three interrelated themes that guide and organize its activity:

1. Collaborative Consumption and Lifestyles - What fosters the increase, diffusion, scaling-up, replication and translation of individual and collective, collaborative consumption and lifestyles?
2. Sustainable Provisioning Systems - How do practices of co-production and innovative social network models promote sustainable livelihoods, especially agricultural production and distribution?
3. Sustainable Production - What allows business engagement with key stakeholders (e.g. consumers, investors, communities, etc.) to foster more sustainable economic practices?

Research Partners include the Foundation Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Hankins, whose recent publications include Collective food purchasing networks in Italy as a case study of responsible innovation [5], written with C. Grasseni and The GM Food Debate Within Responsible Innovation [6], both of which are available through the links above.

Further details of CORES research projects are available through their Wikispace [7] and publications are available through Academia [8].


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CORES LAB on Consumption, Networks and Practices of Sustainable Economies
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