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A Year in Responsible Innovation

di Redazione FGB [1], 29 Gennaio 2013

Jack Stilgoe is a leader in the academic study of Responsible Innovation. He has recently posted an entry on his blog entitled A year (and a bit) in responsible innovation [2], a light hearted, informative article about his experience over the last year.

The article really gives an idea of the explosion that the concept of Responsible Innovation (now known by the acronym RI) has experienced, and many familiar names are quoted or named.

Readers of the Foundation website will know the names of René Von Schomberg [3] and David Guston [4], while both Richard Owen and Stilgoe himself are are well known to the Foundation: In May of this year Jonathan Hankins has a chapter in Richard Owen's forthcoming book entitled "Responsible Innovation", and both are cited in the recent Bassetti Books publication "A Handbook for Responsible Innovation" [5].

Stilgoe's post offers an overview of how study into this phenomena is developing, particularly demonstrating how the academic side of research is expanding. He describes many interesting projects and the piece contains links to several interesting sites.


(Photo: Responsible [6] by the Tom from Flickr)

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