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Can We Improve the Health of the Planet?

di Redazione FGB [1], 7 Febbraio 2012

In December and January Jonathan Hankins published a series of posts on the Technology Bloggers community blog [2] entitled 'Can We Improve the Health of the Planet?' an extension of his work on the subject of 'Sustainability as Responsibility'.

The series ran for 6 weeks, with one post a week. Topics included cutting fuel emissions in transport systems and electricity production, geo-engineering the climate and the critical examination of patented machines and processes that claim to produce pollution free power.

The series was well received and generated a lot of comments and debate, and all of the proceeds are freely downloadable here in PDF [3] booklet form (or read below, in Issuu [4]).


(photo: First Global Image from VIIRS [5] by NASA Goddard Photo and Video from Flickr)

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CC Creative Commons - some rights reserved.
cc - by NASA Goddard Photo and Video from Flickr




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