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Mind The Bridge Boot Camp 2011

di Redazione FGB [1], 21 Settembre 2011

This year the MtB Boot Camp, organized by Mind the Bridge Foundation in partnership with Top-IX Consortium [2], will be held in two of the most active business cities of North Italy, Milan and Turin.
As part of the Social Media Week [3] held in Milan, the special opening of the MtB Boot Camp 2011 in September 22nd aims at gathering innovative startups - operating in the Web/ICT, Life-Science and Clean Tech fields - in one Public Forum [4] that will provide insights regarding key issues facing Italian entrepreneurship. A particular focus will be on business creation and financing, especially in view of today's post-bubble global economy.

Goal of the Boot Camp program, which will continue in September 23rd and 24th in Turin for the startups selected in the MtB Business Plan Competition, is to help participants in clarifying, creating and communicating their business vision, proprietary science and technology into a viable business plan, worthy of financial support.

As usual, the MtB Boot Camp is directed by Charles Versaggi (Ph.D., President of Versaggi Biocommunications) and Alberto Onetti (Chairman of Mind the Bridge Foundation) and it is organized in partnership with Top-IX Consortium, which through its Development Program [5] is fostering new business creation and leveraging the WI-PIE [6] Program of Piedmont Region.

Open Forum
Milan - September 22th
Mediateca di Santa Teresa - Milano
Sala Conferenze
Via della Moscova, 28
Milano [7]

Program [8]

4.00 pm
4.30 pm

4.45 pm
The Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Italy: Facts and Trends
Alberto Onetti, Chairman, Mind the Bridge Foundation

5.00 pm
Embracing a Culture of Risk: There Must Be a Pony in Here
Charles Versaggi, Ph.D., MBT Boot Camp Director and
J. C. Roberts III, Lawyer & Managing Partner, Global Capital Law
Group moderated by Alberto Onetti

5.30 pm
Entrepreneurial Stories
Marco Magnocavallo, Co-founder, Globo and Wikli
Massimo Ciociola, Founder & CEO at MusiXMatch
Pietro Bezza, Co-Founder & CEO at Neo Network

6.00 pm
The Future in Now
Firechat with Stefano Maruzzi, Country Director, Google Italy
Moderated by Leonardo Camiciotti

6.30 pm
Coupling Innovation With Responsibility
Piero Bassetti, Presidente, Fondazione Giannino Bassetti

6.45 pm

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