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Buying spy technology on the web

di Redazione FGB [1], 26 Novembre 2007

The development of miniature video and sound recording equipment means that DIY spying has never been easier. A quick internet search reveals an incredible world of cheaply and freely available spy technology. What does this tell us about "responsible" use of technology, and about the current state of (or the perceived need of) responsibility in innovation?

Some of the products are designed for fun or with security and household protection in mind, but some have really been created for spying on people and are sold as such.
The various sites make different disclaimers about the legality of the product use, making clear that the user takes all legal responsibility.

www.spytechs.com [2] invite you to "keep watch over your employees, nanny, maid or children" with their high quality but discreet hidden video cameras. Their cameras come disguised as fully functioning bedside radio alarm clocks, air purifiers, portable CD players or children's cuddly toys.

They state that:

"It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to consult legal counsel for the interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use of these products".

www.spyequipmentuk.co.uk [3] have an awe inspiring collection.
Bugging devices come in all shapes and sizes, wall plugs, smoke alarms, the mouse for your computer, the beautiful ball point pen that you write with or the watch that you wear can all transmit every sound through their high quality hidden microphone.

They also sell a selection of hidden and worn cameras. The worn cameras come in various styles, for the more casual there is a baseball cap camera, for the more formal a tie camera. Their worn cameras also come with a set of jacket buttons, one of which contains the lens, so that you can sew them onto your favourite jacket and wear the camera to work.

Their most innovative product must however be the spyphone. A fully functioning NOKIA mobile phone that sends a third person copies of all numbers called, all text messages sent and received and allows you to call it up (in secret even when it is turned off) and listen to any surrounding noise through its high performance hidden microphone.

They state that:

"Most of the transmitters featured on this site are not D.T.I. approved and the use of them would be an offence. These devices are sold for export only. The telephone equipment featured in this catalogue is not approved by British Telecom".

www.raidentech.com [4] sell remote controlled cars and helicopters (amongst other things) but also have a section for wireless cameras described as "perfect for remote controlled helicopter use". The signal can be transmitted directly to your video camera and watched in real time or recorded for later viewing. They at no point suggest that this means should be employed to spy on people, but state that you can have the pilot experience as you fly the craft from the ground. Other less innocent uses are however quite easy to imagine.

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