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I dialoghi di Fondazione Bassetti: our podcast

by Redazione FGB [1], 14 February 2020

Many of our closest friends, those who are able to attend our meetings in Milan or who participate in our dialogues through social media, will already know that every seminar, meeting and lecture is documented using video and photography.
We have recently added a podcast - called I dialoghi di Fondazione Bassetti [2] - facility in order to offer mobile audio for those wishing to participate in Bassetti Foundation dialogue without the need to follow with video.

Many will be in Italian, but many will also be in English.

We have chosen to use the Anchor FM [3] platform, which alongside the necessary audio tools will also allow us to distribute the content more widely, for example through iTunes [4], Spotify [5], Google Podcast [6], e poi Breaker [7], Overcast [8], Pocket Casts [9] e RadioPublic [10].


Our feed on Anchor FM (most recent publication).

Here in Spotify:

Through Spotify listeners can use the playlist, making it easy to follow different fragments of each meeting.

Our presence on the podcast platforms is an addition to the existing content web galaxy: The English [12] and Italian [13] Sections of this website, Vimeo [14] for video (alongside YouTube [15]), Flickr [16] and Instagram [17] for photos, Twitter [18] as microblogging, LinkedIn [19] and Facebook [20] as social media and Slideshare [21], through which we share materials used at the meetings.



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I dialoghi di Fondazione Bassetti: our podcast

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