Looking back on 2023

2023 was our busiest and most exciting year to date. It saw the launch of the new Fondazione Bassetti website, the development of a host of new and long-established collaborations, the culmination of our participation in one major EU funded project and the start of a new and exciting research and innovation support project, and ... Looking back on 2023

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First Cover Story: Fondazione Giannino Bassetti

  VISIT THE FIRST COVER STORY OF THE GIANNINO BASSETTI FOUNDATION WEBSITE The first Cover Story of the new Bassetti Foundation website is dedicated to ourselves, even though this unique space aims to give voice to the exchanges of thought that have strengthened our activities over the years. It is so for several reasons, the ... First Cover Story: Fondazione Giannino Bassetti

Three Driving Forces

(Qui in Italiano) Renewing the Foundation website in 2023 led us into contemplating what it means to have a website today, and not only to question what will still make sense (if it will make sense) five years from now, but also how that sense will be made. This led to a departure from what ... Three Driving Forces

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A new website for Fondazione Bassetti – 2023

(Qui in Italiano) With the onset of digitization, the landscape of memory has undergone changes that touch upon its most intricate and hidden meanings. With the widespread use of digital intelligence, the truthfulness and meaning of descriptions of the world and thought are put to ever-greater test. In this context, what value do collections of ... A new website for Fondazione Bassetti – 2023

Tommaso Correale Santacroce

Looking back to our 2022

2022 was one of our busiest and most productive years to date, and one in which we celebrated the successful completion of two large projects. This post offers just a snapshot of events and themes that we carry forward into 2023. Projects2022 saw the final conferences and publication of all findings and deliverables of both ... Looking back to our 2022

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An overview of 2018

2018 was a busy and successful year for the Bassetti Foundation and its team of collaborators that saw a host of publications, participation within numerous conferences, collaborations across a wide range of fields and several events hosted in Milan. The following aims to offer an overview of a year’s work, is not exhaustive but offers ... An overview of 2018

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2011 and Beyond for the Bassetti Foundation

2011 was once more a busy year for the Bassetti Foundation, marking the beginnings of several projects that will run through 2012 and beyond. The following is a review of some of the major events that occurred throughout the year, things to look forward to in the new year now unfolding, a taster of the ... 2011 and Beyond for the Bassetti Foundation

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Drones and other robots of war

Recently the press has been full of articles addressing the legality or illegality of the military use of unmanned drone aircraft in the war against terror. Their use as well as the use of other human controlled robot weaponry presents a series of ethical, moral, technical and legal problems, often more down to the way ... Drones and other robots of war

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