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A Matter of Design: Designing for Reproductive and Regenerative Ethics

by Redazione FGB [1], 12 November 2014

(continued from previous post [2] on "A Matter of Design")

Fondazione Giannino Bassetti contributed to the organization of the 5th STS Italia Conference "A Matter of Design. Making Society through Science & Technology [3]", that was held in Milan, Italy, June 12 through 14, 2014, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano Doctoral School in Design.

We make available the video of the lecture by Charis Thompson (London School of Economics):
"Good Science: Designing for Reproductive and Regenerative Ethics"

"Design is critical to reproductive and regenerative research and medicine today. In this talk, I describe spatial, quality control, and epistemological design challenges at the lab / clinic interface. I compare and contrast these with the information design challenge of balancing privacy and the ability to re-contact patients and donors over time. I place both of these design challenges in the context of recent trends in lab design and architecture in the life and biomedical sciences. I argue that characteristics of what I have called "procurial" science in my recent book, Good Science - an aspect of the bio-economy that has a pro-cures mandate, faces issues with procurement of human tissue and information, and involves intense bio-curation - are evident at every level of esign. Reforms to ethically and scientifically problematic aspects of these fields also need to be approached as design problems."

Part 1

Also available on our Vimeo account [4].

Part 2

Also available on our Vimeo account [5].

The other Plenary Sessions:
Kjetil Fallan (University of Oslo):
"Our Common Future: Joining Forces for Histories of Sustainable Design [6]".
Elizabeth Shove (Lancaster University):
"The Design of Everyday Life [7]".
Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University):
"Imagined and Invented Worlds: The Three Symmetries of STS [8]".

Here the entire video album "A Matter of Design" >>> [9]

Here [10] some photos.


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A Matter of Design: Our Common Future
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