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Prof. Claus Offe at Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative

The SCORAI Colloquium on Consumption and Social Change is a regular gathering of academics and policy professionals concerned with social change. The Colloquium examines and synthesizes theories and empirical experiences of social change from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by russellstreet from Flickr

S.NET, a Review of the Panel Sessions

As a follow up on his previous S.NET post, Jonathan Hankins reviews the contents and debates provoked during some of the panel sessions - Leggi Leggi
S NET Conference in Boston

A Report from the S.NET Conference in Boston

The 5th S.NET annual meeting took place in Boston between 27th and 29th October, and Jonathan Hankins was present on behalf of the Bassetti Foundation. - Leggi Leggi
S NET Conference in Boston

How Automation is Changing the Economy, a Debate.

In this post Jonathan Hankins reviews a live discussion forum entitled "The New Economy: How Automation is Changing the Game". - Leggi Leggi
cc - by Jonathan Hankins

Launch of the UCS Center for Science and Democracy

On Thursday May 17th 2012 Jonathan Hankins attended the launch of The Union of Concerned Scientists' Center for Science and Democracy. This is his report - Leggi Leggi
cc - photo by toastforbrekkie from Flickr

28 Seeds, a review of the event

This week saw the final evening of an extremely successful Boston Center for the Arts run of the multimedia event entitled "28 Seeds" - Leggi Leggi
frame from video 28 seeds

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