Engineering and Responsible Innovation

Engineering is no longer the realm of bearded men designing suspension bridges over gorges or railway lines over marshland. Engineers work in laboratories, designing and building robots, splicing DNA and manipulating nano and micro technology. Engineering is a major part of many contemporary innovation processes. We might say that in doing their work, and through ... Engineering and Responsible Innovation

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Teaching science in schools, some ideas

Science learning in the classroom presents the opportunity for teachers to introduce the problems of ethics and responsibility at an early age. In this post we look at 3 UK based projects that all aim to develop science teaching and involve the students in innovative ways. The BBC news website carries an interesting article about ... Teaching science in schools, some ideas

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An Introduction to Synthetic Biology

The first question must be what is synthetic biology? Variously touted as pertaining to the discipline of engineering, biology, genetics, nanotechnology or computing, the most common description is that of applying the concept of engineering to biological organisms. But what does that actually mean? In order to understand more about the techniques I would like ... An Introduction to Synthetic Biology

Jonathan Hankins