INSS Multi Media Film Competition

The Bassetti Foundation is pleased to announce its participation in and support of the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS) Digital media competition “Visions of Social Sustainability”. The overall goal of the INSS network is to produce a clearer, more applicable definition of social sustainability, and to create opportunities for engaging colleagues, industries, and the ... INSS Multi Media Film Competition

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iGEM Synthetic Biology World Championships

Last weekend saw MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts Host the 2011 iGEM World Championship Jamboree. The Jamboree took place over 3 days, from 5th to 7th of November, and for the eighth consecutive year prizes were given for synthetic biology projects. iGem is the International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation, a foundation that is interested in synthetic ... iGEM Synthetic Biology World Championships

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Change makers

by Peter Goldmark If you go on the web to you will find the website for Changemakers, a program of the Ashoka Society. The Ashoka Society is one of the most remarkable and effective change-agent non-profit organizations on this planet. It was founded three decades ago by my lifelong friend and colleague Bill Drayton. ... Change makers

Peter Goldmark