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S.NET Annual Meeting: Innovation, Responsibility and Sustainable Development

di Redazione FGB [1], 5 Settembre 2013

The Nanotechnology and Society Research Group [2] at Northeastern University have put a draft program online for their S.NET annual meeting. This year's meeting will be held at the Northeastern University School of Law between the 27th and 30th of October.

The theme for this year is Innovation, Responsibility and Sustainable Development, and many of the debates will be of interest to Bassetti Foundation readers.

There are several panels related to risk and responsibility, nanotechnology, governance and sustainable development, as well as a series looking directly at theory and practice surrounding the idea of responsible innovation.

Readers will know Rene' Von Schomberg [3], who participates in a panel entitled "Theories of Responsible Innovation", presenting the paper "Towards a Paradigm Shift in Innovation Policy: Challenges for Responsible research and Innovation".

The Monday program includes a panel entitled "Responsible Innovation and development in Emerging Economies", and another entitled "Next Generation Thinking on Responsible Innovation, Technology Asessment and societal Dimensions".

Tuesday events include a panel entitled "Responsible Innovation: Governance and Regulation", another "Responsible Innovation Theory and Innovation Systems", and a further panel "Responsible Innovation: EU Policy and Publics. The final session includes the round-table discussion "Where to next for Responsible Innovation?"

The full draft program is available for viewing here [4].

Jonathan Hankins will attend the conference on behalf of the Bassetti Foundation, and a follow-on report will be available on this website. Registration for the event is currently open through the Northeastern University Nanotechnology and Society Research Group website [5].


(photo: Nano art: a camel through the eye of the needle [6] by David Orban froma Flickr)


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