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University and Society: Challenges and Opportunities

di Redazione FGB [1], 13 Ottobre 2012

International Workshop
Italy, Bergamo, 15 October 2012
University of Bergamo, Sant'Agostino [2], room 5


In recent years, while European universities have been undergoing severe reforms, the economic and social crisis has stressed the importance of Higher Education, specifically in terms of young human capital development, as well as 'territorial' and social impact. Next to the traditional mission of creation and transmission of knowledge, universities are now also societal institutions. Contemporaneously, in many countries in Southern Europe, the investments in the Higher Education sector are dramatically decreasing, raising doubts on the sustainability of the system. In this workshop we aim to investigate these issues in a comparative perspective: keynote speakers, research papers and a round table with the participation of eminent experts from all over Europe will stimulate the discussion.

Workshop Programme

9.15 Welcome address
Alberto Brugnoli, Éupolis Lombardia, Director
Mariella Enoc, Fondazione Cariplo, Deputy President
Marco Mancini, University of Tuscia, Rector; CRUI, President

9.45 Keynote Speech
Maria Helena Nazaré, EUA, President
Stronger Universities for a stronger Europe

11.00 Research session:
"University and Society"
Chair: Silvio Vismara, University of Bergamo

Michele Meoli & Remo Morzenti Pellegrini,
University of Bergamo
The new challenges for Italian Universities after the reform of
University Gorvernance

Manuel Valsassina Heitor, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa
The internationalization of European Universities

Marino Regini, University of Milan
Social demands and university differentiation

Erik Lehmann, University of Augsburg
European Universities on the cross road: More Market or more Hierarchy?

14.15 Opening of the afternoon session
Francesco Profumo, Minister of Education, University and Research

15.00 Round table:
"Challenges and Opportunities for European Universities"
Chair: Piero Bassetti, Foundation Giannino Bassetti, President

Maria Helena Nazaré, EUA, President
Stefano Paleari, University of Bergamo, Rector; CRUI, General Secretary
István Fábián, University of Debrecen, Rector
Martin Paul, Maastricht University, President
Jiri Zlatuska, Masaryk University, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Czech Higher Education

Here the program. [3]


(Photo: Sant'Agostino [4] by Tet_Sy from Flickr)

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