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The fourth global iSummit Centre in Sapporo, Japan

di Redazione FGB [1], 28 Luglio 2008

The fourth global iSummit [2] will be held at the Sapporo convention centre in Sapporo, Japan from 29 July to 1 August, 2008. iCommons in association with Digital Garage, [3] Creative Commons Japan [4] and the City of Sapporo will bring together pioneers of the free Internet from over 60 countries around the world.
The summit boasts an array of guests including over 400 entrepreneurs, artists, philosophers, revolutionaries, educators and free-thinkers from all continents and offers a picture of promise - bringing together activists, change agents and new world social entrepreneurs to chart and reflect on a positive path for a more fair, more just, more creative world in the Information Age..
Key note speakers include amongst others Jessica Powell [5], Head of Product Communications for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for Google and Jimmy Wales [6], the founder of wikapedia.
The summit proposes a series of laboratories including Open Business [7] DIY Video [8] and The First Interdisciplinary Research Workshop on Free Culture [9] and the participants will report back to the entire summit team on the final day.

(Streaming in Second Life [10] by 2lifecast [11])

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