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Introduction to Responsible Innovation by ROSIE

As part of collaboration with ROSIE project, Jonathan Hankins and Angela Simone have recorded Introduction to Responsible Innovation videos that are now available online. - More More

by Redazione FGB, 21 February 2019 Permalink

Introduction to Responsible Innovation by ROSIE

Memory and Responsibility

Last month, with the support of the Bassetti Foundation, more than 60 people met at the Internet Archive in San Francisco to discuss the future of personal digital archives and the implications of innovations and new technologies related to personal and collective memory. ... - More More

by Jeff Ubois, 24 March 2010 Permalink

photo by Eneas from Flickr

Notes from EPIC 2009: Innovation as a commodity

In September I went to Chicago for the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference (EPIC 2009). EPIC draws from a mix of different communities, including design, computing, social science, and anthropology as conducted in academic and corporate research settings. - More More

by Jeff Ubois, 19 November 2009 Permalink

EPIC 2009
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Media, Innovation, and Bioethics

Media play a major role in the healthcare system, affecting medical research, public policy, clinical practice, and self care. Many of the goals of bioethical practice, including patient wellness, patient... - More More

by Jeff Ubois, 9 July 2009 Permalink

Media, Innovation, and Bioethics
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