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Art in Responsible Innovation. A conversation with Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet

In this post, Rodolfo [3] and Lija [4] Groenewoud van Vliet discuss the motivations and ideas behind their In4Art organization, in video call conversation with Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Hankins.

In4Art [5] was founded in 2015 by Rodolfo and Lija Groenewoud van Vliet with the mission to increase the impact of innovative art in society and economy, in the belief that art can be a powerful engine for responsible innovations.

Art can act as an accelerator for innovation, offers reflections on our fast-changing high-tech society and by translating that into art-driven innovations it enables impact from economical, ethical, environmental, social and legal perspectives.

The organization's focus is to increase the impact of art in society and economy by bringing systematic change to the domains of circular economy, material research and next generation internet. Care and Environment, a mix of sustainable development goals and positive impact for the broad society.

In4Art creates space for experiments on the intersection of art, science and technology, translating the outcomes into inspiration, strategic implications and responsible innovations, acting as a partner in the development of artistic prototypes into art-driven innovations and sharing their trans-formative potential, while building a network of forward looking, 21st Century thinkers and doers.

To do so, the founders have created the Art-Driven Innovation [6] method, guiding In4Art and its innovation projects [7], collections, experiments and research, focusing on breakthrough technologies.

To learn more, watch the video or listen to the podcast below.


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Art in Responsible Innovation
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