Buying spy technology on the web

The development of miniature video and sound recording equipment means that DIY spying has never been easier. A quick internet search reveals an incredible world of cheaply and freely available spy technology. What does this tell us about “responsible” use of technology, and about the current state of (or the perceived need of) responsibility in ... Buying spy technology on the web

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Richard R. Nelson in FGB

Richard R. Nelson a Milano – Richard R. Nelson in Milan [partly in English] Richard Nelson, economista della Columbia University, ha centrato molta parte della sua attività di ricerca sui temi legati all’innovazione, alla crescita economica di lungo periodo e al ruolo della tecnologia nel processo evolutivo economico e sociale. Il 17 e 18 giugno ... Richard R. Nelson in FGB


Over the next few months, I’ll be exploring issues related to responsibility in innovation by exploring technologies with significant but not always obvious societal implications through a series of interviews with noted inventors, practitioners, ethicists, academics, and thought leaders in the fields of genetics, nanotech, climate change, and surveillance technologies. In the interviews so far ... Introduction