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Working Towards Sustainable Science Practices: The Second Sustainable Research Symposium

di Redazione FGB [1], 3 Maggio 2022

The Sustainable Research Symposium 2022 [2]will be held on May 19th between 9am - 3pm CET at the Princess Maxima Center, Utrecht Science Park in the Netherlands and broadcast online.

The symposium is a unique free event about sustainable research which can be followed in person (places are limited however) or online. It was organized for the first time in 2021 by a group of young & green researchers at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research [3] (CPR) at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) in collaboration with Ava Sustain [4]and with the support of Tuborgfonden.

The second (2022) organizing group Green Labs NL [5] was started in 2021 by members of the Dutch Scientific Community who realized they shared a passion for making their science more sustainable.

Through their platform, the group aim to build a wider community in The Netherlands to help encourage individual scientists, lab groups and whole institutes move towards sustainability in lab practices. The platform can aid by sharing resources and information, but also by bringing like-minded scientists together.

The program covers topics such as innovative ideas to increase sustainability in research, sustainability criteria in research funding, environmentally responsible conferencing and more, is run by scientists and fully non profit.

Time table:

08:50 - Welcome and introduction

09:00 - Session 1: Current state of sustainability in science & future outlook
• 09:00 - Nikoline Borgermann - Ava Sustain
• 09:20 - Sustainable European Laboratories network (SELs)
• 09:35 - Hannah Johnson - Green Labs Netherlands
• 09:50 - Klimaatgesprekken
• 10:10 - Marlène Bartes - European Commission, MSCA Green Charter

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00 - Session 2: Innovative ideas to increase sustainability in research or industry
• 11:00 - PAN Biotech
• 11:15 - Loic Lannelongue - University of Cambridge, UK
• 11:30 - Jan Heidelberger - Max Planck School Matter to Life, Heidelberg, Germany
• 11:45 - UNI-ECO
• 12:00 - Daniela Farina - LEAF implementation

12:15 - Pitch your idea Short pitches of ideas how to increase sustainability in science selected from submitted abstracts

12:30 - Lunch and poster session Poster presentations selected from submitted abstracts

13:45 - Session 3: Panel discussion: How to make scientific conferences more sustainable?
Jeroen Dobbelaere - Max Perutz Labs, Vienna, Austria
Viktoria Lamprinaki - Company of Biologists

14:45 - Closing

15:00 - Networking event

Registration [6] is free for both in-person and live participation, and Basstti Foundation Foreign Correspondent will participate in person. Further details are available through the symposium website [7].


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Working Towards Sustainable Science Practices: The Second Sustainable Research Symposium
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