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Postdoctoral researcher position within 'Digital Twins' at Wageningen University

di Redazione FGB [1], 27 Maggio 2020

Wageningen University is offering a position for a post-doc researcher in the field of ethics of technology, philosophy of technology or Science and Technology Studies.

This postdoctoral project is part of the WUR investment theme "Digital Twins" which consists of three multidisciplinary Digital Twin flagship projects. An important aim of the investment theme is to foster the responsible design and development of Digital Twins through the engagement of societal actors and innovators in order to assess the societal desirability, ethical acceptability and sustainability of this technology. Full details here [2].

The successful candidate:
- hold a PhD in Philosophy, applied ethics, or STS, with affinity with the life sciences;
- is an enthusiastic, dedicated and engaged academic who is well capable to work in interdisciplinary contexts;
- likes to explore fundamental questions in ethics of digital technologies in the life sciences;
- preferably has experience in conducting empirical research (interviews, focus groups;
- has excellent communication skills.

This position requires English language proficiency.

Salary from €2.709 to €4.274, for 38 hours per week in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement Wageningen University (scale 10). The position is for the period of 2.5 - 3 years with initial contract of 1 year subject to extension.

For more information contact Dr. Vincent Blok (vincent.blok@wur.nl) or dr. Sanneke Kloppenburg (sanneke.kloppenburg@wur.nl).

For more procedural information contact Sandra Willemsen (Recruitment) or Bianca Aversteeg (Recruitment Support) via recruitment.ssg@wur.nl.

This vacancy is open up to and including 14 June, 2020. The first job interviews will take place at the end of June 2020. The position is to start on or before 1 September 2020.


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Postdoctoral researcher position within 'Digital Twins' at Wageningen University
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