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Wageningen University (NL) Post-doc Position

di Redazione FGB [1], 9 Aprile 2019

A position is available for a post-doc with expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, responsible innovation and/or technology adoption, for an NWO funded research project that will be executed in a collaboration between the Learning Science Group and the Philosophy Group at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and private partners. The committee is particularly interested to hear from ambitious philosophers/ethicists or STS scholars with an interest in empirical research as well.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have generated a steep interest from media and general public and the acceptance of AI systems is an important focus of research and development. In the case of (process) industry, AI is able to accelerate sustainable transitions. However, although the technological developments are up to speed, the acceptance of AI in the industry lags behind and therefore does not benefit as much as expected from AI, as to yet. One of the factors, which is hindering acceptance is the low level of involvement of operators and their managers (i.e. end-users) in developing and implementing AI. Therefore, project SAAI aims to:1.identify which factors are hindering AI acceptance among end-users and management in process industry, 2.try to lessen or deal with these factors by means of involving end-users and their managers in the development and implementation of AI, and 3.enabling learning processes between the different parties involved. This all with the aim to accelerate sustainable transition in process industries. This project is supervised by two chair groups: Education and Learning Sciences (ELS) and Philosophy (PHI). We collaborate on several projects and are seeking to expand our team with you as our new researcher to work in this project. In addition, you support the development of new research projects and are open for educational activities. We are seeking a driven, socially engaged and excellent researcher passionate about sustainability transitions starting at a micro-level (i.e. individual or team level) with an affinity for AI. Furthermore, you show a real passion for linking scientific rigor with relevance for practice.

SAAI is a close cooperation between partners from industry (i.e. Nouryon and Institute for Sustainable Process Technology - ISPT) and research, both social sciences (Wageningen University & Research - WUR) and technological sciences(Radboud University Nijmegen - RUN).

For more information [2].

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Wageningen University (NL) Post-doc Position


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