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Green nanotechnology at Nano-tech 2009

di Redazione FGB [1], 6 Febbraio 2009

From February 18th to 20th 2009 the Nano-tech 2009 international nanotechnology exhibition and conference [2] takes place in Tokyo Japan. The conference includes several different and self contained exhibitions, all held at the East Exhibition Hall and Conference Tower, Tokyo Bigsight including ASTEC 2009 (Advanced Surface Technology), Nano Bio 2009 that includes the "seed and needs" seminar described as "a space for exhibitor presentations to promote cutting edge technology", Metec'09 an exhibition dedicated to surface finishing, Convertec Japan 2009 dedicated to converting technologies, Neo Functional Material 2009 that appears to contain all sorts of different fields and finally Printable Electronics 2009, dedicated to investigating the printing of conductive patterning materials (printable electronics technology).

The aspect that is of most interest to me and follows a theme raised in one of my previous postings about the SNNI conference on greener technology [3] is the use throughout the site of a leaf logo on which is written "green technology". The logo is explained as "what cutting edge technology can do for the future environment; green nanotechnology is applied nanotechnology leading to materials and products which contribute to the solution of our environmental problems".

The main theatre program [4] is full of green projects. From the Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies that started "Development of innovative environmental methodologies utilizing nanotechnology" in 2003 promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and using headings such as "Development of innovative environmental methodologies utilizing nanotechnology" through "Recognition and Participation", "Assessment and Management" and "Conservation and Restoration", to the TODA Kogyo Corporation that specializes in Soil and Groundwater Remediation using Reactive Nanoscale Iron Particles (making ex industrial sites clean enough to use again from heavy metal contamination).

Other interesting events include a presentation by the Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative (NBCI) on Green Sustainable Chemistry Applied to Nanotechnology and nanotechnology's contribution to an environment conscious society, and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization presentation on the possibility of drastically reducing energy needs through nano-porous materials.

The conference is an international affair with last year's event boasting exhibitors and participants from 24 different countries and 50 000 visitors, some events are free and others require registration and payment.

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