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Awareness, Perception And Interpretation: measurements vis-a-vis the complexity of life

di Redazione FGB [1], 5 Ottobre 2008

On October 8th and 9th in Rome Italy the second MINET Workshop entitled "AWARENESS, PERCEPTION AND INTERPRETATION: measurements vis-a-vis the complexity of life" [2] takes place at the Hotel Massimo D'Azeglio in Via Cavour. MINET [3] coordinates activities for 'Measuring the Impossible (MtI)' i.e. research in areas of interdisciplinary science aimed at supporting the development of new methods and investigative techniques for the measurement of complex phenomena that are dependent on human perception and/or interpretation. This includes, for example, measurements relating to the perceived attributes of products and services, such as quality or desirability, or the quantification of societal parameters such as security and well-being.
The workshop is part of a series of events (workshops and sessions at conferences) organised within the framework of the MINET project, funded by the European Commission - 6th Framework Programme of Scientific and Technological Research
On 9th October at the same venue and on 10th October at the Hotel Mediterraneo in Via Cavour MINET have organized The 'Measurement uncertainty when measuring the impossible' think tank [4] which is intended to provide an interactive forum for discussion on the topic of measurement uncertainty. Since this is topic is relevant to all scientific disciplines, one would expect a good and productive exchange of information amongst the Measuring the Impossible projects and other participants. The think tank starts with an informative educational lecture.
The purpose of the Think Tank is to stimulate creativity and start interdisciplinary collaboration, in order to create a common language and shared viewpoints on the issue of "measuring the impossible", also with a view to promoting cooperation within projects in this field. The two previous Think Tanks were devoted respectively to terminology and concepts (Berlin, April 13 2007) and measurement systems and techniques (Portoroz, September 27 2007). The fourth and last event [5](2009) will be focused on decision-making and risk assessment.

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 Awareness, Perception And Interpretation




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