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Political Humour in the Blogosphere.

di Redazione FGB [1], 8 Novembre 2007

"Web 2.0, the interactive interface of the World Wide Web, has opened up a multimedia and multimodal environment that is deeply transforming several discursive practices, among them political communication. Wherever political debate is unimpeded by censorship, as in Western democracies, novel modalities of engaging with politics are emerging on the Internet. Among digital genres, blogs in particular stand out as a successful format for political comment, enjoying a popularity that has been enhanced by a number of factors - from the ease of the blogging software and the degree of interactivity it allows to content creation - all regarded as promoting a more participatory and potentially more democratic public discourse". (Maria Cristina Paganoni [2], forthcoming).

The sites below contain links to various political blogs, give links to political articles in international newspapers and even offer messaging access to UK members of parliament. Their content is in general derisory, critical of politics and politicians in general and tends to poke fun at the institution rather than give positive messages. The content does raise the question if this is a responsible effort to promote democracy through innovative means or more an exercise in politics bashing.

In Italy the debate is hot because of a blog posted by popular stand up comedian Beppe Grillo [3]. Through the site Grillo has organized a "meet up", creating groups that meet on line on determined days to discuss Italian politics. His call for a "V-Day" - a national day of protest - attracted wide participation throughout Italy, collecting over 350 000 signatures at more than 200 demonstrations. Translated into English the name would be F-Day, the F representing F..…Off, a call directed at all Italian politicians. If we look around for other examples the British scene is broad in its offerings and some of the following may be of interest.

At Guido Fawkes' blog [4] is posted by Paul Staines. He describes himself as an "anarcho capitalist" and writes "from the perspective of the only man to enter parliament with honest intention. The intention being to blow it up with gunpowder". (Guy Fawkes was a Catholic activist who was discovered in 1605 plotting to destroy the Houses of parliament and kill King James). His execution is still celebrated today every November 5th with a popular bonfire night in Britain.

Recess Monkey (it's a jungle in there) [5] is posted by labour politician and journalist Alex Hilton who is also the editor of Labour Home [6] (a site not associated to the labour party despite the obvious similarities of name) and has recently launched another satirical blog Belittle Britain [7].

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