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International course in Public Communication and Applied Ethics of Nanotechnology

di Redazione FGB [1], 3 Marzo 2009

From 22 to 27th March 2009 an international advanced course entitled Public Communication and Applied Ethics of Nanotechnology [2] takes place at St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford in the UK. The course is aimed at anyone working within nanotechnology or with an interest in its public communication and ethical implications, and the organizers state that there are strong indications that "nanotechnology may well be facing a public debate similar to those which have confronted the nuclear, chemical and biotechnology industries. Public communication and engagement are essential for its responsible development".

The aim of this six-day Advanced Course is to enable the participants to carry out a wide variety of public communication activities discussing the social and ethical implications of their work with confidence.

The program provides leading experts in public policy, science communication, ethics, risk assessment and regulatory affairs in the nanotechnology field.

In an outline of the conference aims and objectives published on the nanobio-raise.org website [3] (Nanobiotechnology: Responsible Action on Issues in Society and Ethics) the participants of the course will acquire: knowledge of the relevant ethical, legal and social aspects of nanotechnology; skills to communicate effectively with the media and the public; an understanding of the issues involved in the public acceptance of nanotechnology.

The program is available do download in pdf through the nanobio-raise link above, with Monday being dedicated to nanotechnology in food and nanobiotechnology and public perception of risk in these areas, and the Tuesday theme of "Understanding and responding to ethical, legal and societal issues" looks very interesting with Mark Cantley, a former advisor to the Directorate-general for research of the European Commission speaking about public policy development for nanotechnology.

On Wednesday the theme is "Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology and Risk" looking at European surveys and risk compensation and on the final two days the theme is media training.

Course Coordination is by Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director of the Nanotechnology Industries Association [4], Dr David Bennett, Delft University of Technology and St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge and Ms Serene Chi, also of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

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Public Communication and Applied Ethics of Nanotechnology




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