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Bruno Latour in FGB

di Redazione FGB [1], 19 Dicembre 2006

Bruno Latour in Milan and the connected Call for Comments in this site (pagina del 19 Gennaio 2004 [2])

On 27 October 2003 we opened the Call for Comments [3] entitled "No Innovation without Representation (A Parliament of things for the new Technical Democracies)". Conducted by the sociologist Massimiano Bucchi [4], it was connected with the invitation extended by the Bassetti Foundation and the Politecnico to the sociologist Bruno Latour [5] to give a Lecture [6] in Milan.

Bruno Latour at the conference in Milan, at his left Piero Bassetti
Foto: Bruno Latour at the conference in Milan, at his left Piero Bassetti

This CfC [7], closed on 20 December 2003, served to introduce, accompany and support the arguments covered by Latour in his essay "What rules of method for the new socio-scientific experiments?" and discussed in his lecture on 17 November 2003.

In his essay, Latour touches on many of the key themes of his thinking: the increased participation of non-experts in the practice of science, the blurring of the borderlines between science and politics, the new forms of representation of technical and scientific innovation, and the emergence of "hybrid forums" (situations of governance where the representatives of "natural things", such as meteorological events or the discoveries of genetic engineering, and the representatives of human society both need to be taken into equal consideration), which should lead to new political arrangements being put in place.


- The video [8] of the Lecture

- In conclusion of the Call for Comments "No Innovation without Representation" [9]

- The interview [10] by Margherita Fronte
La intervista di Margherita Fronte a Bruno Latour "Il parlamento delle cose" [11]

Margherita Fronte with Bruno Latour (Hotel De la Ville, Milan, 17 November 2003)
Foto: Margherita Fronte with Bruno Latour (Hotel De la Ville, Milan, 17 November 2003)

- Bruno Latour's Web Site [12]

- The School of Doctoral Programs [13] of Politecnico di Milano

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Bruno Latour


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