Food For Good

On 4 April 2023 Jonathan Hankins and Cristina Grasseni showed a group of students from Nottingham Trent university (UK) round the community garden Food For Good in Utrecht (NL).As regular readers will know, both share an interest in local food production. Cristina is Principal Investigator in Food Citizens?, an ongoing EU funded project that aims ... Food For Good

Jonathan Hankins

Making Networks Happen: Cooperation for Sustainability Transitions

On March 1st, 2022, at the Milan seat of Confcooperative Lombardia, in the framework of POLITIKÉ, ‘the political school’ offered in collaboration with the Bassetti Foundation for Responsible Innovation, industrial biotechnologist Maurizio Bettiga and cultural anthropologist Cristina Grasseni jointly led a workshopping session involving 25 leading operators from the cooperative world (presidents, heads of service ... Making Networks Happen: Cooperation for Sustainability Transitions

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Presentazione dell’Italica Global Community

Il 22 settembre alle ore 11:00 presso la sede romana della Stampa Estera sarà presentata l’ITALICA GLOBAL COMMUNITY. È il primo e unico luogo di incontro virtuale per gli oltre 250 milioni di italici nel mondo, che, come molti giornalisti della stampa estera, anche senza avere una goccia di sangue italiano sono attratti dall’Italia, ne ... Presentazione dell’Italica Global Community

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Beyond Alternative Food Networks, a book review

Long time Bassetti Foundation collaborator Cristina Grasseni recently published her latest book. Beyond Alternative Food Networks is described by MIT Professor Heather Paxson as “Much more than a book about alternative ways of sourcing and consuming food…. it challenges the rationalist mythology at the heart of capitalism and reveals the affective relations and contingent practices ... Beyond Alternative Food Networks, a book review

Cristina Grasseni
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Preventative governance

On Wednesday 7th July, Professor David Guston of the Arizona State University presented the work of the CSPO (Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes) and the CSN-ASU (Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University) at an invitation seminar held here at the Bassetti Foundation. Amongst the participants were Ottavia Bassetti, Piero Bassetti, Oscar ... Preventative governance

An Interview with Dr.Marc Smith

Dr. Marc Smith is a Senior Research Sociologist leading the Community Technologies Group at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA. His group focuses on computer-mediated collective action, and he studies and design enhancements for social cyberspaces. In particular, he is interested in the emergence of social organizations like communities in online conversation and annotation environments. The ... An Interview with Dr.Marc Smith