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Newsletter. September, 2013

by Redazione FGB [1], 16 September 2013

February, 2014 - Journal
Fondazione Bassetti on the International Editorial Board of the new 'Journal of Responsible Innovation' [2]
Academic and institutional organizations from every corner of the globe are now taking interest in responsible innovation, the very field that the Bassetti foundation took as its mission to promote 15 years ago, through thought, action and study. In July the International Editorial Board of the new «Journal of Responsible Innovation» (Taylor & Francis publishers) was formalized. Jonathan Hankins has been elected member of the Board as representative of the Bassetti foundation.  The Editor in Chief David Guston is well known to the Foundation. A call for contributions has been published, with the first issue planned for February of 2014.

July 26, 2013
Developing a Framework for Responsible Innovation [3]
Remaining within the framework of the Foundation's mission, the open access article Developing a Framework for Responsible Innovation, written by Jack Stilgoe, Richard Owen and Phil Macnaghten for the «Research Policy journal» is reviewed on the Foundation site by  Jonathan Hankins.

August, 2013
«MIT Technology Review» an interview with Piero Bassetti upon returning from San Francisco [4]
In the article entitled "La mano che crea il mondo", Andrea Granelli interviews Piero Bassetti for the «MIT Technology Review»: "Innovazione e bellezza italiana si confrontano con la Silicon Valley, lasciando intravedere le nuove frontiere dell'artigianato".

September 10, 2013
Elena Cattaneo and Giuseppe Testa in discussion on ethical stem-cells [5]e [6]
Not long before being nominated Senator for Life, Elena Cattaneo, director of the  laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology of Neurodegenerative Diseases at the university of Milan was interviewed by Assunta Viteritti for  «Tecnoscienza. Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies». The article, commented by Margherita Fronte for our website, narrates a parallel interview between Cattaneo ans Giuseppe Testa, Director of the Laboratory of Epigenetics of Stem Cells at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. Testa has been guest at the Foundation on several occasions (see Consuming Genomes: Constructing the Genetic Consumer in the United States and Ripensare l'uomo nel XXI secolo).

July 2, 2013
Il DNA diventa social [7]
Margherita Fronte reviews Sergio Pistoi's book Il Dna incontra Facebook (published by Marsilio) for the Foundation website. DNA is the protagonist of a phenomena completely unforeseen, and only apparently frivolous - genetic social networking - capable of conditioning the perception that we have of ourselves and others, and overturning the schematic practices through which people interact. A territory that is still almost unknown in Italy, somewhere between web2.0 and personalized genetics.

September 28, 2013
Fondazione Bassetti at the Palazzolo Digital Festival [8]
The second edition of the Palazzolo Digital Festival (from 25 to 29 September) takes place thanks to the enthusiasm of the Fondazione Galignani. During the day dedicated to Artigiani digitali: la nuova rivoluzione industriale Giovanni Lanzone offers his thoughts on the Innovating with Beauty theme pursued by the Bassetti Foundation in San Francisco.

July, 2013
The companies selected for the film Realizzare l'improbabile. Artigianato, nuovo nome del lavoro [9]
More than 50 companies answered the call for contestants for the competition promoted by the Bassetti Foundation and supported by the Chambers of Commerce of Milano, Monza and Brianza, Credito Valtellinese and Confartigianato. With great pleasure we publish the list of those that will be followed by the professionals of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. The objective of the film is to make the innovative and particular value of artisanal work known to a vast public, describing it through the faces, histories and voices of the protagonist companies, as a patrimony of the avant garde demonstrated through the culture of Italian companies, creating opportunities for development and work for the new generation.


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Newsletter. September 2013


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