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Launch of the Critical Infrastructures Lab

On 13 and 14 April Jonathan Hankins attended the launch event of the Critical Infrastructures Lab in Amsterdam. Here is his report. - More More

by Jonathan Hankins, 10 May 2023 Permalink

Launch of the Critical Infrastructures Lab
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Public Consultation on Internet of Things (IOT) Governance

Recently the European Commission released its Report on the Public Consultation on IOT Governance. IOT is the Internet of Things, and it refers to 'a long term technology and market development based on the connection of everyday objects to the Internet'. The authors argue that 'IOT has the potential to considerably improve the life of EU citizen by addressing many of today's societal challenges in health, transport, environment, energy, etc'. - More More

by Redazione FGB, 23 May 2013 Permalink

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An Interview with Chris Howard, CEO of Libboo

In this interview Jonathan Hankins poses questions of responsibility and ethics surrounding Libboo's use and patenting requests for an innovative method of measuring how certain individuals may be able to exert influence over others. - More More

by Jonathan Hankins, 31 January 2013 Permalink

cc - photo by martiSunshine from Flickr
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Battle for the Internet

Earlier this year the Guardian newspaper ran an interesting series entitled 'Battle for the Internet'. The series is available online and makes a very interesting read. - More More

by Jonathan Hankins, 5 November 2012 Permalink

cc - work by Surian Soosay ssoosay from Flickr
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