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Art in responsible innovation. A conversation with Maurizio Montalti

by Jonathan Hankins [1], Redazione FGB [2], 24 September 2021

In this, the second post in the Art in Responsible Innovation series, Jonathan Hankins is joined in conversation by Maurizio Montalti, Founder of Officina Corpuscoli [3] and pioneer in the study and development of mycelium-based technologies for the design and production of natural biomaterials and products.

Maurizio Montalti is a designer, scientist and artist whose research and experimental practice based work is extremely innovative, perched on the border between art, design and biology. The resulting singular objects are individual in their field, forged from materials gained through the manipulation of living materials.

Montalti works in partnership with his chosen medium in what he calls mycelium design, with living materials that participate in a productive process in a collaboration that leads to industrial products [4] as well as pieces of art [5]. He has been active in promoting ideas around responsibility within innovation throughout his career.

Learn more about this intriguing character and his work through the video and podcast below.


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Art in responsible innovation. A conversation with Maurizio Montalti
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