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The Bassetti Foundation in the Netherlands

by Redazione FGB [1], 23 April 2014

The Bassetti Foundation is pleased to announce that Foreign Scientific Correspondent Jonathan Hankins will shortly take up a new position in the Netherlands.

Hankins has been stationed in Boston USA for the last 3 years, a geographic positioning that has allowed the Foundation to expand its operations in the USA.

Developments over these years have included the Foundation's involvement as Founding Institutional Affiliate in the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation [2], based in Arizona, participation in the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability [3] based in Charlotte North Carolina and to hold a position on the Editorial Board of the newly founded Journal of Responsible Innovation [4].

The Foundation will maintain its US presence through Ottavia Bassetti, member of the Board of Directors and head of US operations, who is based in San Francisco.

The Foundation's choice to maintain a permanent position in the Netherlands demonstrates the importance of this country in the development of Responsible innovation. The Dutch Government's NWO has a large Responsible Innovation project [5], making the country a leading researcher and actor in the field. The organization funds several initiatives and also hold one of the largest conferences on RI in the world.

Hankins will be based in the city of Utrecht, right in the heart of the country. The city has a large research university and is home to the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development [6] (readers may remember Collette Bos from the S.NET Panel Sessions [7] Review)
and also houses a 2 year Masters program in Innovation Sciences [8].

This is an exciting prospect for the Bassetti Foundation and we are all looking forwards to taking the debate into a broader circle.

Hankins will take up his new position on June 1st, and all at the Foundation wish him well with his move and look forward to his work in the coming years.

Veel geluk!


(photo: Travelling to Utrecht #sunnyday [9] by leoloves from Flickr)


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