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November 2012. The Revamped Bassetti Foundation Website

Dear readers, surfers and collaborators, after six years we have revamped the website.
Each time this happens we rethink how we can live an internet space that is both alive and lively through the different internet seasons, while at the same time making sure that the space is an expression of an organization as complex as the Bassetti Foundation.

You have to be stable and yet elastic.

Stable enough to be discovered, contactable and searchable, and elastic enough to model yourself upon the languages, systems and places that are constantly born, disappear and change the web.
Stable to offer the people who follow it a place in which to identify themselves, elastic to allow the flow of thought every useful instrument offered by the web.

The problems that we face today are very different from those back in 2006, when the outgoing website was designed and launched.
We wanted to respond to seven points posed by the development both of the Bassetti Foundation itself and of its online network.

- easier access to materials related to the Bassetti Foundation
- better service for the different types of site visitor
- the problem of the temporally stratified nature of activities, its essence and its value
- issues related to the navigator's orientation due to the large amount of stimulus available on the web.
- respond to the new modes of web fruition (social networking etc)
- correction of problems relative to site visitor analysis
- appealing graphics and uniformity of the images coordinated by the Foundation

You can see how we have addressed these points by navigating the site and the cloud with ease, or by looking in the 'Guide to the Site", that we hope will be a cabinet of curiosities more than a help to lost readers.

Dear readers, surfers and collaborators, after 6 years we are redesigning, and we ask your opinions. The new site is still a work in progress, we merely ask you to go and visit the pages. You will find the same articles presented slightly differently, and many new ways to find and reach them.
Send us your comments, opinions and ideas. They will be extremely precious!

Start from the Home page (www2.fondazionebassetti.org), and from there you can either go directly to the guide mentioned above or read a brief history of the site (no link here because we don't want to ruin the surprise).


(Foto: Onda nel mare [4] di tomcorsan da Flickr)

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