Mara Colombo

Mara Colombo carries out support activities for the Secretary General and has a background in political science. Her collaboration with the Giannino Bassetti Foundation began in 2017, with support in the reporting of the EU Horizon 2020 SMART-map project. As a freelancer she worked for several years in the public sector, holding management assistant roles ... Mara Colombo

Emilio Galli Zugaro

Emilio Galli Zugaro is Senior Advisor of Methodos S.p.A Milan. He is member of the board of the Allianz Foundation in Berlin/Munich. As a Certified Business Coach he coaches C-suite people, teaches and publishes on leadership issues. From 1992 to 2015 he was Head of Group Communications of Allianz. Since 1996 he has been an ... Emilio Galli Zugaro

Franco Simeoni

Laurea in Economia e Commercio Dottore Commercialista – Revisore dei Conti Libero professionista dal 2002 – Strategy Advisor CEO Ernst Young Italy – 1982-2002 Board member EY Global – 1984-2002 Board member EY Global Strategy Committee Founder&Chairman EY Global Corporate Finance Division Co-Founder Product Development Management Association PDMA Southern Europe – Co Founder Diotima Society ... Franco Simeoni

Ottavia Bassetti

Born and raised in Milano, Italy, post-graduate degree in Biology, Ottavia Bassetti, during the initial part of her career in Italy, and since 1989, in the US, specialized in communications, at first as a science journalist and editor, then as a multimedia and web site producer, and as a consultant in corporate communications for start ... Ottavia Bassetti

Andrea Bassetti

As the President for the Andean Region, Bassetti oversees industrial activities in Colombia, Ecuador, Perù, Venezuela, Bolivia, Guyana e Suriname and Central America Based in Cartagena, he leads a team of 1,200 colleagues and an industrial system that includes one coupling shop, two ERW mills, one heat treatment line, one slotting line and four threading ... Andrea Bassetti

Lodovico Rocca

Lodovico Rocca is President of Techint Engineering & Construction S.A., holding of a group of companies that provides project management, engineering, procurement and construction services on a global basis for large-scale projects. He is also member of the Board of San Faustin S.A., holding of the Techint Group, which comprises several companies, all global or ... Lodovico Rocca

Giovanni Bassetti

Giovanni Bassetti holds a Degree in Nuclear Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan. IEP – International Executive Program at INSEAD in Fontainebleau. 1984-1986: Assistant to the Quality Manager at Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale (National Linnen and Hemp Weavers) 1986-1987: Manager of the furniture business unit at Lanificio di Somma. 1987-1991 Group Controller at Gruppo ... Giovanni Bassetti

Luigi Colombo

Luigi Colombo is a lawyer who carries out his professional activity in Milan, for an international law firm, after having gained work experience both within Italian public structures and in international contexts and also within the university world. Always attentive to the evolution of customs and characteristics of personal and social relationships conferred by different ... Luigi Colombo

Andreina Rocca Bassetti

To describe Andreina Rocca Bassetti we need to look no further than the reasoning that led the Municipality of Milan to award her the Ambrogino d’Oro honor in 2018: “A profound civic spirit animates her life. Over the years she has generously supported many associations involved in culture, art and social issues. In 1994 she ... Andreina Rocca Bassetti

Piero Bassetti

Piero Bassetti was born in Milan in 1928, graduated in Economics and Business from the Bocconi University in Milan, and completed his studies as a Fulbright scholar at Cornell University (USA); he subsequently specialized in Economic Sciences at the London School of Economics. Councilor and Assessor of the Municipality of Milan from 1956 to 1970. ... Piero Bassetti