Making Science Public Blog on RI

The Nottingham University Making Science Public blog has opened a debate about responsible innovation. On February 24, 2014, Brigitte Nerlich posted an article entitled Responsible innovation: Great expectations, great responsibilities. She argues that “Responsible (research and) innovation is becoming a new language for thinking about relations between science and society, science in society, science with ... Making Science Public Blog on RI

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Blogging Responsible Innovation

In this post I would like to take a look at how and where Responsible Innovation is addressed through blogging. Last week saw the launch of the (University of) Manchester Policy Blogs. The blogs provide a platform for researchers and academics to blog about policy-related issues, including how science policy relates to and interacts with ... Blogging Responsible Innovation

Jonathan Hankins

A Year in Responsible Innovation

Jack Stilgoe is a leader in the academic study of Responsible Innovation. He has recently posted an entry on his blog entitled A year (and a bit) in responsible innovation, a light hearted, informative article about his experience over the last year. The article really gives an idea of the explosion that the concept of ... A Year in Responsible Innovation

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Technology Bloggers New Year Awards

New year’s eve saw the Technology Bloggers website announce the winners of several prizes, and the Bassetti Foundation’s Jonathan Hankins took 2. Hankins was awarded ‘top newcomer’ and ‘top all-rounder’ for his contributions over the last 6 months. As the name suggests, the blog addresses many issues related to technology, from reviews of new technology ... Technology Bloggers New Year Awards

Jonathan Hankins
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A look at The Hastings Centre Bioethics Forum

For anybody interested in taking an overview of current debate on bioethics, the Hastings Center bioethics forum would be a good starting point. I say this not only because the forum hosts the Centre’s own bioethics blog, well informed and non partizan as ever, but also because it provides links to many other blogs addressing ... A look at The Hastings Centre Bioethics Forum

New version of our website

Dear readers or visitors, at the end of August we launched a new version of our website featuring several changes to our graphics and site layout. You will surely notice that the menu items have changed. In particular, the Issues section is now entitled Focus. This is the area of the site where we pinpoint ... New version of our website