Giannino Bassetti. A portrait

In uncle Giannino’s time, the task of redistributing the resources created in the production cycle was structurally entrusted to the individuals who had these at their disposal, not least we could also say: to their paternalism. Today the argument is different – the State, in particular the Welfare State, redistributes the resources. The redemption is ... Giannino Bassetti. A portrait

Alberto Gobbi

Alberto Gobbi, M.D., is the founder and director of Orthopaedic Arthroscopic Surgery International (Milan, Italy). He graduated from Università degli Studi di Milano in 1983 and then continued his training to become a sports doctor and an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in arthroscopic procedures. He trained in arthroscopy in the US in the early eighties and ... Alberto Gobbi

Cristina Grasseni

(Update January 2013) Cristina Grasseni, M.Phil., Ph.D., Scientific Director of the Fondazione Giannino Bassetti (2006-2011), was trained in Philosophy, History of Science and Social Anthropology with Visual Media at the Universities of Pavia, Cambridge and Manchester. Radcliffe Fellow (2011/12), Film Study Center Fellow (2011/12) and Visiting Scholar (2012/14) at Harvard University, she is a full time ... Cristina Grasseni

Cristina Grasseni

Giannino Bassetti. L’imprenditore Raccontato

“L’imprenditore raccontato” is devoted to Giannino Bassetti, the man and his achievements: his personality, intelligence and values as a man and an entrepreneur. The volume, which is published by Rubbettino (2004), is edited by Roberta Garruccio and Germano Maifreda (both researchers in economic history at the Milan University Department of Historical Sciences and Documentation). Extract ... Giannino Bassetti. L’imprenditore Raccontato

Jeff Ubois

Jeff Ubois is president of the Berkeley Hillside Club, which provides support for public affairs discussions, arts, and culture in Berkeley, California. In addition to his work for the Bassetti Foundation, he writes about issues in public memory and television archiving at Television Archiving, and directs archival activities for New York-based Intelligent Television, a production ... Jeff Ubois