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Technoscientific Innovation

by Redazione FGB [1], 7 November 2008

Responsibility and New Models of Democracy in Science and Society Relationship
Edited by Giuseppe Pellegrini [2]
I libri della Fondazione Giannino Bassetti Rubbettino [3], 2008

The rhythm and all pervading nature of techno-scientific innovation and its products pose new questions for politicians, at a historical moment when decisions concerning public property and citizens' life cannot be taken by élite decision makers alone, in agreement with scientists or experts in various sectors. As a matter of fact, citizens today are more aware of issues that may have a strong public impact and therefore more demanding when asking questions about them. They ask for information and guarantees about the possible consequences of the introduction of innovative solutions. This change has different causes, and is in a good part due to the level of uncertainty generated by techno-scientific innovation that calls in doubt the reliability of scientific knowledge and the institutions transmitting it.
During recent years, together with the traditional tools of representative democracy, new participative procedures have been adopted which have been inspired by the need to democratically manage evaluation and decision making processes concerning techno-scientific innovation. This volume deals with the main issues concerning the relation between innovation and governance considering the limit and potential of these new approaches.

Technoscientific Innovation. Responsibility and New Models of Democracy in Science and Society Relationship
Edited by Giuseppe Pellegrini
Introduction by Piero Bassetti
(Edited by Giuseppe Pellegrini. Contributors: S. Bellucci, D. Bütschi, A. Colombo, G. Pellegrini, Gloria Regonini, G. Speranza), Rubbettino 2008.



p. 5
Piero Bassetti

Part I - Innovation e Participation

p. 11
Giuseppe Pellegrini
Techno-scientific Innovation: uncertainties, complex decision and participative democracy

p. 41
Sergio Bellucci, Danielle Bütschi
Participation in Science and Technology. Lessons from the Swiss PubliForum and publifocus.

p. 65
Giuseppe Pellegrini
NPPGI Project. An Institutional Experience ok Participation Within Technoscientific Innovation

Part II - Innovation, Communication and Citizenship

p. 97
Gian Filippo Speranza
Media and public debate on biotechnology

p. 123
Alessandro Colombo
European Citizenship through Participation and Subsidiary?

Part III - Innovation and Participation: a Critical Review

p. 153
Gloria Regonini
Paradoxes on the Authors

p. 187
Notes on the Authors

p. 189

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Technoscientific Innovation


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