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Guido Romeo

by Guido Romeo [1], Redazione FGB [2], 10 April 2019

Guido Romeo is an award winning data and business journalist. He writes for Il Sole 24Ore, and is co-founder and President of FACTA.
He has been Editor in chief of Atomium-EISMD's REIsearch project and Communications director of AI4People.
He co-founded and chaired until 2017 Diritto Di Sapere, one of the NGOs instrumental in the approval of the first italian freedom of information act in 2016.
He graduated from the University of Bologna and holds a journalism degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Lille, France and a masters in communications.
In 2004 he was Armenise-Harvard science-writer fellow at the Harvard School of Medicine.

He tweets as @guidoromeo [3]

(2019 April)


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  3. 3] https://twitter.com/guidoromeo
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Guido Romeo




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